Meet The Artist


Ariela Housman was introduced to calligraphy in fifth grade art class. In 2003 Ariela fulfilled her high school's senior internship requirement by apprenticing at Caspi Cards and Art, where she first learned about writing ketubot (Jewish marriage documents). After returning to work for the Caspis for two summers, she then went freelance. She has been working as a freelance calligrapher ever since. In the summer of 2015, she began training as a Jewish scribe of holy texts (Soferet ST"aM). She has since completed numerous mezuzot and is currently in search of her first Torah commission.

A geek of many flavors, Ariela consumes SFF in most media, including novels, comics, TV, movies, and fan works. She also enjoys tabletop games, costuming, swing dancing, smashing the kyriarchy, and drinking tea.

Meet the Manager

Terri Ash is the retail professional, proofreader, and artist-wrangler of the outfit. An alumna of Judaica House, she is also the expert on the ketubah-ordering process and is the one who makes sure that Ariela writes your names correctly. She introduced Ariela to steampunk, so she is indirectly responsible for all steampunk art on this site.

Although not a graphic artist, Terri is an avid knitter. She also cooks, makes her own jam, and pretends not to kill potted basil. She is a big fan of creating halakhic feminist spaces and can often be found sitting on panels at various science fiction conventions in the northeast.

About Geek Calligraphy

Geek Calligraphy was officially founded in 2015, though Ariela and Terri began talking about the idea in 2010.

Ariela and Terri are committed to providing high quality art, exceptional customer service, and halakhically sound ketubah texts to geeks across the spectrum in a respectful and inclusive manner.