Geek Calligraphy is proud to offer a range of ketubah designs and texts to meet the needs and desires of geeks across spectra. All of our designs are original artwork by Ariela Housman.

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Text Options

Geek Calligraphy offers a selection of four different text options pre-printed on our ketubot. Learn more about our texts.

Want to write your own text? No problem! We calligraph custom texts as well.

Custom Ketubah Art

Would you like a ketubah created especially for you? We take commissions.

About the commission process.

Gallery of past commissions.


We have answers! Check the Ketubah FAQ or send us a message.

Iggun Prevention

Geek Calligraphy takes a strong stance against iggun and is working to prevent it by ensuring that all clients of ours are informed and take measures against it. What is iggun and why is Geek Calligraphy against it?

Care and Feeding of Your Ketubah

Learn about how to take care of your ketubah during your wedding and how to ensure it lasts a lifetime after. Ketubah care instructions.