Fiber Artist's Oath

Fiber Artist's Oath Art Print from
Fiber Artist's Oath Art Print from
Fiber Artist's Oath Art Print from
Fiber Artist's Oath Art Print from

Fiber Artist's Oath

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State your values and your best intentions as a yarn, thread, or fabric-crafter with this Oath. Border art features tools of many fiber crafts and ample amounts of yarn in lots of colors and tangles.

Also makes a wonderful gift for the knitter, crochet-er, spinner, weaver, tailor, or seamstress in your life.

Prints are limited edition out of a run of 200. Each print is 8" x 11" with a 1.5" purple mat. Outer dimensions are 11" x 14". Ships flat.

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The Oath reads:

My maximum number of projects in process at any one time shall not exceed n+1.

Corollary: n is the current number of projects

I will learn if I am a product crafter or a process crafter and embrace it. I promise to be considerate of crafters who are not of my kind.

"The stash will never exceed the current storage system" is a lie. I will continue to utter this maxim to console my loved ones.

When crafting in public, if someone asks what I am making or if it is for them, I shall nobly refrain from shoving a pointy tool up their nose.

I vow to remember that carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injuries cannot be avoided by sheer force of will.

To protect the feet and bottoms of household members, I will keep my needs, hooks, pins, etc., in thier proper places

Corollary: Sometimes the proper place is the couch.

I will do my best to train my family and pets to respect the phrases "I'm counting," and "At the end of the row."

If I am monocraftual, I will not look askance at those who practice many types of fiber arts. If I am polycraftual, I will not scorn those who stick with a single method of making magic with string.

I pledge to be honest with myself about my production speed and remember that it really is okay to give even very beloved people a gift that is not a handmade Something.

What I do is a wonderful, slow sort of magic; I will remember this and never denigrate my own skills.

Bias of any sort - other than the diagonal of cloth - has no place in crafting. I will encourage fiber-craftiness in all others (who want to partake; I will not proselytize obnoxiously either).

I will use my powers for good and not for evil.