Doodle: Your Friendly Officer Sea Lion

by Ariela

Have you ever found yourself in the unfortunate situation where you related an experience of oppression and no one asked you to corroborate your position with carefully vetted studies?

Have you perhaps expressed genuine anger while discussing repeated infringements on your boundaries and basic humanity, but none of your friends would step up to the plate and tell you to check that unbecoming behavior lest you wreck your argument?

Do you ever find yourself wishing that someone would pick up that slack?

Never fear! Everyone's favorite member of the friendly neighborhood Tone Police is here: Officer Sea Lion!


The Tone Police are one of the great peacekeeping* bodies of debates everywhere, and recent recruit Sea Lion is already distinguishing themself in the line of duty.

Tone Police Officer Sea Lion is a tireless interrogator, ready to ask the same question many times to catch their unwilling interlocuter in a misstep. And of course Officer Sea Lion will never hesitate to hold you to their standard of civil discourse.

*Where "peacekeeping" is defined as maintaining the status quo.

What ever would we do without the Tone Police and Officer Sea Lion? The world will probably never know.


Officer Sea Lion was inspired by watching K. Tempest Bradford deal with pushback on Twitter about her Cultural Appropriation Primer.

Officer Sea Lion is under the Creative Commons license, so please feel free to Share and Enjoy with attribution.