New Product: F--- You, Pay Me!

By Terri

Need to proclaim that your time is worth money? Then boy do we have the print for you.

Please note that this print contains actual swear words, and should not necessarily be viewed at the workplace of your choice. 

Fuck You Pay Me art print from GeekCalligraphy,com


How it Came to be:

The idea has been rattling around in Ariela's head for some time.* It was inspired not only by how many people try to get artists to work for free or for less than their time is worth through moral blackmailing, but particularly by watching friends who do diversity consulting repeatedly be asked to do it for free, with the companies doing so completely missing the irony. Think this article. Its release during Artists' Rights month is not a coincidence.

Ariela was initially very hesitant to do this - she tries to keep swearing to a minimum, particularly in the professional sphere.** Before committing to the product, she took a very informal poll by asking a table full of Chicago-area creatives if they thought such a thing would sell. They all yelled out "YES" in unison, which is about the best go-ahead you can ask for.

You'll notice that this print is ridiculously ornate. Ariela wanted to do very fancy lettering and jewel tones as a contrast to the profanity.

Fuck You, Pay me is available in 3 sizes (dimensions include blue mat): 

  • 10" x 8" - $35
  • 14" x 9" - $45
  • 20" x 16" - $65

*In fact, I can attest that the product has been on the calendar for months, but has been moved around a few times. Once we decided to do Artist Right's Month, it became a natural fit.

**I, on the other hand, curse like a sailor unless my toddler is present. Unfortunately, I take Ariela's professional guidelines to heart and you cannot use this fact to tell who is doing the tweeting.