If You Boycott Arisia, Support the Artists Anyway

by Terri and Ariela

Well, this stinks. The situation is pretty terrible.

Well, this stinks. The situation is pretty terrible.

Recent revelations about Arisia’s woeful mis-handling of numerous incidents of stalking and sexual assault have inspired a widespread boycott of the convention. Unfortunately, as with all boycotts, this one has some proliferating consequences for some vulnerable people.

Many fannish artists and vendors sell their work at Arisia each year. In the past, Arisia has been a convention that could be relied upon for significant sales; we suspect that, with the damage done to Arisia’s reputation, that will not be the case in 2019, or for many years to come. Moreover, the news about all of these problems broke when it was already far too late for artists or vendors to book an alternate convention for that weekend.

We are lucky in this respect: neither Terri nor Ariela relies on Geek Calligraphy income to pay our rent, or food, or other bills. But artists and vendors who make their living creating the fandom and geeky merch that we love will see a bite taken out of their livelihoods as collateral damage to the bad decisions made by Arisia’s Incident Response Team and Incident Review Board.

The following is an incomplete list of artists and vendors who were planning to show at Arisia 2019. We ask that you look through their websites and order from them. They cannot continue making wonderful stuff for all of us if we don’t support their work.

(note: we have only included artists with websites. There are other artists who routinely show up, but without a website we cannot direct you to them)

R. L. Allison (aka robdamnit) mixed media & paintings horror, steampunk and fantasy themes


Julia Austein Digital prints of pieces based on dream imagery

Victoria Chapman Colorful watercolor illustrations of nature and spirit

Sarah Clemens Fantasy art, realistic, Magnus and Loki series

LJ Cohen Hand built and wheel thrown ceramics

The Corey Press Hand carved images of medieval madness pressed to wood

Rachel Creemers Futurism with Ink and Watercolor

Charlene Taylor D'Alessio Humorous, Acrylics, Fantasy/SF Cats, Hamsters, Dragons, Owls

Lori Del Genis Photorealistic portraits of fan favorites real and imagined

Meredith Dillman

Duncan Eagleson Fantasy, SF, and game illustration

eHawk illustrator from Somerville, MA

Wendy Ellertson Sculptural Leather Mythic Figures and artist books

Michele Ellington Jewelry, ceramics, painting, sculpture

EveL Illustrating the combination of nature and man

Sara Felix jewelry and resin

Meg Frank Space focused, high chroma, fantasy art

Remmi Franklin Mixed media of both aerials and imagination

Heather M Gamble

Gil The best of dreams and monsters from every reality

Mike Greenberg Space and Time

Griffin Ess figurative illustrations using watercolors and inks

Lauren Grover Victorian style paper quilled pieces

Sara Eileen Hames Brilliantly colored watercolors: space, botanicals, monsters

Carol Hanson Explorations in a variety of forms: jewelry, sketches, masks

Lisa Hertel Watercolor, pottery, encaustics, alcohol ink, pencil, more

Butch Honeck Bronze fantasy sculpture

Elaine Isaak fiber artist creating one-of-a-kind wearables

herman james Pop-Surreal painting and drawing

Jeliza Whimsical space inspired art and jewelry

I. S. Kallick Folkloric illustration

Boriana Kantcheva a varied cast of characters between reality and imagination

Kimberly's Creatures Cloth & papier mache creatures

Ryan Klemek Strange sci-fi and fantasy paintings

Johnna Klukas art boxes, sculpture, musical instruments, usually in wood

Liz LaManche

Scott Lefton Sculptural metal, glass and wood, and digital fantasy images

Elizabeth Leggett Fantastic Realism, image storytelling, bold color, matte prints

Tracy Levesque Paintings in the Style of Fairytale Realism

Julia Burns Liberman Whimsical abstract watercolor cityscapes

Lily Lion Labyrinth Mixed media pieces exploring fantastical realms of emotion

Lubov The art of the fantastic - fantasy, phantasmagoric.

marcart Matted Art Prints

Theresa Mather Fantasy subjects in acrylic and colored pencil

V McMican Bright & bold graphic illustration

Alexander Merkel Clockwork Jewelry, Computer Mice/Misfit-toy monstrosities

Chris Mindle Pop surrealism and fantasy in oils and giclee prints

Christine Mitzuk Fantasy art with dramatic lighting, and a hint of whimsy

MooreWarmth Fiber Art focusing on fantasy and science fiction

Sarah Morrison Fantasy Illustration

Erika Morton fine art fantasy photography

Anne Nydam Relief block prints that celebrate the realms of imagination

Margaret Organ-Kean Whimsy and watercolors

William O'Connor Fantasy and Science Fiction Painting

David Lee Pancake Fantasy sculptures and prints

Maria Photinakis Boston area-based illustrator, comic creator and painter.

Eli Portman Pen and Ink drawings and Illustrations

Catherine Roop Fantasy art in pen, pencil, paint, & digital media

Karen Roop Laser prints of digital original artwork

Kimball M. Rudeen Steampunk themed sculpture

Ruth Sanderson mythic images in scratchboard

Sandra SanTara Visionary symbolic fantasy

Scrumpy Illustrations Stippled images of cephalopods and Lovecraftian monsters

Diane E Seiler Enamel, clay bird rattles & castle planters, possibly fiber

Donna Shapleigh Enamel switch plates, jewelry, seascapes astronomical

Andrew Sprague Fantasy and scifi artist working in multiple mediums

T. M. Originals Distinctive wearable art that stands out in a crowd

Kendra Tornheim Wire and hand-colored brass jewelry featuring antique keys

Joan Turner Paint Pouring is my newest adventure!

Mercy Van Vlack Celtic jewelry and superhero SF prints

Andy Volpe Drawings & Prints, Historical replica; Living History

Arrionna Wagoner Digital art of the female form in pop culture in all genres

Raelinda Woad Miniature book art and jewelry

(note: we have only included vendors with websites. There are other vendors who routinely show up, but without a website we cannot direct you to them)

Angelwear Creations Angelwear has pretty shiny things. Come see them!

Art by David Lee Pancake A Fantastical Magical Emporium

Auntie Arwen's Spices/Hutnik's Used Books Spice blends, fudge, books, catnip mice, and lots more

The Blonde Swan Our hats turn heads.

Broad Universe Celebrating the work of women-identifying writers of speculative fiction.

Cloak & Dagger Creations Timeless historical fashions for everyone, all ages and sizes.

Cross Rose | Ears & Rearz Ears & tails, Lolita fashion dresses, jewelry and accessories.

Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery Making Meal Time

Delicious Boutique Specializing in unique and high quality independent designer styles.

The Dragon's Lair The best selection of T-Shirts and Plush in the known multiverse.

Earth Wisdom Earth Wisdom sells exquisite silk jackets, nifty tees, magic dresses

Emporium 32 Vintage-inspired treasures for the fashionable geek.

FanTanimals Come get your dragons!

Fanservice Nails Handmade fandom beauty for chic geeks

Fantastic Books Publisher of new and reprint sf novels, collections, and anthologies.

Felix Eddy - The Clockwork Sphinx Original artwork and embroidery accessories and decor created by Felix Eddy!

Hibernacula Treasures and talismans, metal and bone, crystal and stone!

HKT Import Toys We are a premier importer of Licensed Japanese Toys and Colelctibles

Honeck Sculpture Unique items cast in bronze for you and your home

I Think I've Created a Monstah Rhode Island artist focusing in unique utilitarian "monstah" themed art.

Innsmouth Look Publishing Home of Indie author Michael C. Bailey

Knotty Designs Paracord products for all your knotty lifestyles

MajikCraft One of a kind, every time!

MeadHall Outfiters Costume, garb, corsets, props, and vintage clothing

Meloria Maille Artisan chainmaille made one ring at a time

The Mind's Eye Book Store Signed and unsigned science fiction and fantasy books

Paisley Peacock Body Arts Henna, Facepainting, Glitter, Custom Buttons

Pandemonium Books & Games Boston's specialty SF book and game store for 29 years!

Pawstar Pawstar, furry, cosplay, paws, ravegear, geekyhat, cybergoth

Pendragon Chainmail If you can think it, I can link it!

Pendragon Costumes Purveyors of men's & women's historical & fantasy clothing for over 25 years.

Picklepot Steampunk treasures for all humans!

Purrfect Pastimes Eco-friendly and handmade science fiction/fantasy for your home!

RuRigami Quirky crafts for creative minds

Silver Owl Creations Fantasy and steampunk jewelry in wire and hand-colored brass

Spring Green Interior Design Hidden Door? Game Room? Reading Nook? Themed bath? Gotcha Covered.

Strange Hours Atelier Curious millinery, esoteric art, and assorted whimsies

Sunspot Designs Unique, affordable adornments for mortals and others.

Tally Mark's Sculpture Studio Handmade adorable baby fantasy beasts cast in resin.

Tea & Absinthe Tea and barware for the geeky people

Threads of Time Historically influenced clothing and costuming, with a large Fantasy flair.

Wendy Ellertson Studio Sculptural Leather figures and accessories to encourage creativity and story

Zooguu Colorful decorations for wild imaginations