New Product: Spacescape Art Prints

Looking for an artistic way to remind yourself of just how completely awe-inspiring the universe is? We've got some prints for you, featuring a spaceship exploring the stars and some very eloquent quotes.


How It Came To Be:

We wanted to finish the year with a very science fiction piece of art. The space ship and background art comes courtesy of the SpaceScape Ketubah. The text on the English print is a quote from Babylon 5, courtesy of Ambassador Delenn: "We are starstuff. We are the universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out." The Hebrew quote comes from Psalms, Chapter 92, Verse 6: "מה רבו מעשיך ה' מאוד עמקו מחשבותיך - How great are your creations, oh Lord, Your thoughts are vastly deep."

Ariela took advantage of the shorter text to have some fun with the lettering in a way that isn't possible with a text the length of a ketubah and formed the letters out of stars.

The prints come matted and are available in three sizes:

Small - 8" x 10" - $30
Medium - 11" x 14" - $45
Large - 16" x 20" - $60

New Product: Clockwork Lovebirds Art Prints

By Terri

Were you looking at our ketubot and wondering "I love the artwork, but already have a ketubah/would never buy a ketubah"? These art prints solve that problem!

How They Came To Be:

Way way back in the dark ages of 2012, Ariela and I figured out that we might be able to make a go of this business. I knew that the key to subsidizing the ketubot was to create smaller prints of the art with a quote on them, rather than the full ketubah text. That way someone coming across Ariela's work could be able to purchase the art they love, even if they weren't in the market for a ketubah. 

We actually got a request for a variation on the Clockwork Lovebirds a few months ago, making it the natural choice for the first set of prints. For the Hebrew quote, the obvious choice proved the best one. I looked through שיר השירים, (Song of Songs, the infamous Biblical erotic poem), to find the one quote in there about birds. Ariela found the English quote, using the incredibly difficult method of tossing search terms into BrainyQuote and choosing the best result.* It owes more to the clockwork than the birds, but is lovely.

The prints come matted and are available in two sizes:
Small - 11" x 14" - $45
Large - 16" x 20" - $60


*After performing the all important step of actually verifying that the quote really was from Ikeda-san -- we all know how reliable some of these databases are.